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About Us


Our success is the result of a long-term commitment to the continuous improvement process of the Quality Management System that has been implemented in the Company since the first days of operation. Our structure is designed to provide fast, flexible and effective response to all the requirements of our Clients and timely adaptation to changes in the markets.

A well-organized network of subcontractors is a significant asset that allows us to provide any necessary service in a timely manner, a list of which you can see in the section with the same name. Our main asset is the company's specialists possessing the necessary knowledge, experience and skills for their correct and timely application that allows us to provide a worthy, competitive service to our Clients.


On the territory of Ukraine, the Company operates within the framework of national legislation and has all the necessary licenses and contracts to provide the services offered. Our quality management system was developed, certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards and implemented in 2009.

Our negotiation skills, combined with market knowledge, research and analysis, give our customers the opportunity to benefit from all our services. SVS Management provides experienced and qualified crew members for all types of marine and river vessels in accordance with the needs of each customer.